Chai Mookie's unique teas taste as good as they are for you! We pride ourselves on providing you with a fresh, high-quality product, steeping in health benefits.

Our secret is an exclusive spice mix delivered to you the day it was blended, guaranteed. These spices carry essential anti-oxidants and stimulants to your vital organs and bodily systems including digestive, respiratory, circulatory and more!

Enjoy a cup of our tea in the morning, afternoon or evening and experience the benefits of each spice, in every sip. We understand that the quality and blend of tea improves when the process is performed with the utmost care and attention. 

We guarantee you'll taste the difference in every cup!




It all started when...

A regular at the coffee shop I was working at started asking for Decaf chai. Every day she would come into the shop for a muffin and a tea. Having grown up cooking with Indian spices I went back to my own kitchen and started making masala magic. After a couple weeks a basic recipe was made for her to taste. She loved it and from that moment Chai Mookie was born...

My goal in making Mookie is to provide a more true Masala Chai experience. A lot of chai out there on the market is more sugar vanilla at its core. The spices that comprise this recipe, organic, freshly ground, and small batch brewing with no preservatives is my focus.

Fresh means tasty!

Hope you enjoy and if you have any questions let me know.

Marty "Mookie"