Mookie Time


Mookie Time

So nice to see you...


When natural flavoring could just be natural flavors...

Food these days is taking a turn for the better. We have seen many a food product under go a shift in production. Smaller batches, fresher ingredients, bolder flavors, more organic, fair trade, etc. Chai Mookie Tea is one of the companies that is changing the way chai is thought of and made for market. Most chai is can be bought in a syrup or powder ready made form. We don't like it and don't think any one ever should have to settle for that. All of our batches are freshly ground in small batches from organic spices and fair trade when possible. The boldness and spice of our blends speak for themselves. No more sugar with maybe a little cinnamon vanilla flavoring. These blends are the real deal. Don't settle, we haven't.

                                                                      Much love from Mookie!